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Website Build Startup

What We Need To Build A Website

First Things First

We can’t do any work until you authorize us to do it and have completed these setup steps.

  1. Sign Proposal: Did you sign and return your proposal? If not, we need that ASAP.
    • This will come to you via PandaDoc through your primary email address.
  2. Send Payment: Provide credit card information via phone (ask for James or Kira), or use the custom link we sent you. We need full credit card details for Google Ads and Call Tracking phone numbers.
  3. Website Build Details: Complete our Website Survey to give us all of the primary details we need for your build.
    • A detailed full list of ALL of your services and specialties. Pro Tip: Find a website sample that offers the exact same services that you want to offer.
    • Any reports that past marketing people gave you to let us see what keywords you thought were important.
    • Do some competitor snooping, and make sure you are not forgetting anything that will make you shine online.
    • Gather up and organize photos and take new photos.
  4. Submit Logo & Photos: Send us all photos via Dropbox. A custom link will be provided.
  5. Schedule Kick-Off Call: Once you have sent the items we need, please schedule your kick-off call.

Provide Access

We need access to the back-end of your website and other locations in order to do the work you have requested.

  1. Existing Website Login Credentials:
    • Your websites login link - Example
    • Your user name and password for your site.
  2. Domain Name & Hosting:
    • We need access to the current hosting so we can access important information for your site.
      • We will take your old site and clone a copy so you don't have any downtime from our work.
    • We need access to the new domain name prior to launch.
  3. Google Analytics:
  4. Google My Business:

Upload Your Visual Assets

Send your photos, graphics, and PDFs by adding them to the custom Dropbox link we provided for your project.

    • Photos:
      • You must have either taken the photo, own the copyright on the photo, have rights to use the photo, or it must be a purchased stock photo. You can not steal images off Google, other websites, social media, or photo-sharing websites without having legal copyright issues.
      • Professional images are wonderful! Nice lighting is preferred. Uncropped zoomed-out images are fine. We can adjust lighting if needed. Heavy edits are not included.
      • We can use images taken by a cell phone, as long as they have not been texted. Once texted, they are compressed to SMS size and become pixelated. Original images from your cellphone must be sent straight to Dropbox.
      • You can share the Dropbox link with anyone who has your photos.
    • PDFs & Print Documents:
      • Give us your brochures, sales collateral, and any and all marketing material that you use.
      • We like to make your branding consistent across the board.
      • Label the filenames clearly, people will see the file name if it's provided as a download.
      • Tell us where you want them to be used on your website (if it's not clear).
    • Videos:
      • Create a YouTube or Vimeo channel for your business. Upload the videos and provide us the links.
      • If you already have a channel, send us a list of videos you want to feature on the website. We cannot use videos from social media.
    • Logos & Graphics:
      • A logo set is appreciated.
      • We will accept any logo you have. PSD, PNG, PDF, or EPS files are preferred.

Branding & Logos

A logo says a lot about your company and when you launch a new website this is a great time to reimagine your logo or spruce it up to fit in with your brand new website. If you are interested in logo design we can offer you logo design in some cases. If we are unable to do it, we have a variety of logo designers that we are happy to recommend.

Conversion & Lead Tracking

We use services that help us keep track of your marketing efforts. We want to be able to show you tangible progress and results because we believe in transparency.

  1. We set up / verify proper tracking is set up on your website.
    • Placing a "Thank You" page after calls to action gives us the ability to track that action's performance.
    • This will help us (and you) see a clearer picture of interaction on your site.
  2. Call tracking phone numbers.
    • Establishing a dedicated number with call tracking gives us the ability to track your leads and provide you even more data on conversions from marketing efforts.

Charges You May Have To Pay To Other Providers

  • Domain Name (Yearly)
  • Website Hosting (Yearly / Monthly)
  • SSL Certificate (Yearly, sometimes comes free with hosting)
  • Business Email (Yearly / Monthly)
  • Call Tracking Phone Numbers
  • Paid Clicks For Online Marketing