Website Build Startup

What We Need To Build Your Site

First Things First

We can’t do any work until you authorize us to do it and have met your payment obligations.

  1. Did you sign and return your proposal? If not, we need that ASAP.
  2. Complete our Website Survey and all pertinent info below.
    • A detailed full list of ALL of your services and specialties. Or find a website sample that offers the exact same services that you want to offer.
    • Any reports that past marketing people gave you.
    • Specials we can publish – free second opinions, flat cost options, or packages, or coupons. $50 off? $100 off? 10% off a service?
  3. Provide credit card information via fax or phone (ask for James or Kira). We need full credit card details for Google Ads and Call Tracking phone numbers.

It’s All About Access

We need access to the back-end of your website and other locations in order to do the work you have requested.

  1. Website Login Credentials: Login link to make changes to the current website, username and password.
  2. Domain Name & Hosting:
    • We need access to the current hosting so that we can clone the website properly.
    • We can install a plugin that will do it if you can give us admin access to the backend of the website.
    • We need access to the new domain name prior to launch.
  3. Google Analytics: Add a new user: to Google Analytics with “Edit & Collaborate” permissions.
  4. Google My Business: Add a new user: to provide us access to manage the local listing on Google.

Conversion & Lead Tracking

We use services that help us keep track of your marketing efforts. We want to be able to show you tangible progress and results, because we believe in transparency.

  1. We need to verify if you have proper tracking set up sitewide. We have you place an ad tracking script on your website “thank you” page to track sales and form submissions properly from Google Ads. This will help us (and you) tell which terms are performing the best.
  2. We also need to establish a call tracking phone number to track leads from Google Ads.

Visual Images & Branding

  1. Send your photos/images by adding them to Dropbox:
    • We prefer PSD, PNG, or EPS files for all photos/images/graphics we need from you.
  2. Do you need a logo (or just want a new one)? This is our recommended freelance logo designer:

A brief description of file types:
.jpg = Web / Universal screen format, smaller file size, not good enough for print.
.png = Transparent background, larger file size, good for web and some print.
.ai = Adobe Illustrator (program file - can edit the logo in layers - good for print - must have the program)
.psd = Adobe Photoshop (program file - can edit the logo in layers - good for print - must have the program)
.eps = Vector - scalable format that you can open with most graphic design programs. Good for every application.

Charges You May Have To Pay To Other Providers

  • Domain Name Renewal (Yearly)
  • SSL Certificate (Yearly)
  • Email Plan (Yearly or Monthly. (Not required unless you use for your email addresses. For example,