Google Ads Startup

All new Google Ad accounts that we manage will require a welcome call to discuss your goals and to formulate a plan by discussing and figuring out answers to basic questions in regard to your business. Some things discussed in your welcome call may include:

  • What services would you like to target?
  • Do you have any related services that you don’t want to target?
  • Should we target residential, commercial or both?
  • What is your service area and also do you have any exclusions within that area?
  • What specials can we use in your ads?
  • Budget? (We recommend a minimum spend of $1,000 per month)
  • When do you have someone available to answer the phone?
  • How often should your ads? (Allday, Only weekdays, Only during business hours)

Things we need from you to get started with our Google Ads Management Service:

If you already have a Google Ads account, we are able to use your historical data to create a  new campaign or alter your existing campaign:

  • Provide Your Google Ads Account ID Number
  • We send an emailed invite from our Google Manager account (MCC).
  • Once you approve the invite, we will be able to take over management (you will still have access).
  • Call Tracking and conversion codes are installed on the website.

If you do not have an existing Google Ads account, we will create a brand new account for you.

  • We research create the campaign.
  • All new campaigns are eligible to receive free Google Ad Credits.
  • If requested, we provide access to the Google Ad account.
  • Call Tracking and conversion codes are installed on the website.

To get started, please request a free consultation with our Google Ads guru.