Call Tracking Metrics Startup

How Call Tracking Works?

With call tracking metrics, you’ll be able to track your phone calls and leads back to each specific marketing campaign that you are currently running or plan to run in the future. Whether you would like to track a Google Ads campaign to see if your ROI is working out in your favor, would like to see how many calls received from that email marketing campaign you sent out last week or want to see how many calls your website is producing, Call Tracking Metrics will provide you with answers.

What We Need

Before beginning we need to identify the sources (Website, Google Ads, Social Media, E-Mail Marketing) that you would like to track. If you have existing call tracking numbers that you would like to keep, we can port these numbers into your account. Each tracking number can all be forwarded to your existing business phone number. Another option is to have your tracking numbers forwarded to different existing numbers. Once you provide us with what you want to track and the phone number that you want to ring, we’ll take care of the rest.

Creating User Accounts

After we set up your account and add your tracking numbers to each source, we’ll test the numbers to make sure they are forwarding and tracking properly. We’ll then create user accounts for your business. Let us know the names and email addresses of users that you would like to give access to. Call Tracking Metrics will send you a welcome email with instructions on how to log into your account. Users will be able to listen to incoming calls, review how many calls you’ve received and also block spam calls from calling you again. If you need to add a new phone number or a new user in the future just let us know and we’ll be happy to assist.

Call Tracking Report Integration

If you are running a Google Ads or SEO marketing campaign with us, your call reports will be integrated into your monthly marketing report that you’ll receive on the first of every month.