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We continue receive the majority of our business from referral sources and word-of-mouth from our existing customers, friends, and family. Our reputation is what keeps us alive and thriving in the shady, scam filled industry we are in. We want to take a moment and thank our customers for our success. So, thank you all for helping us grow!

Verified Client Reviews

Google Reviews
Kira and her crew rock my sox on a daily basis with web design. They are the best. Look no further. Stop here. They actually get the job done on time and include all the bells and whistles instead of milking you for cash like the rest of the web pirates. Use them. You will love them.
Monty Gearhart, WCES

Facebook Reviews

Thank you Kira for your help! I encountered a last minute issue with my website and I was helped through it on the phone and at a very fair price. Helped me with small tune ups to my site as well. Very helpful and patient! Will be returning for SEO help…customer for life! Thank you again!

Tiffany Mitchell, Las Vegas Baby Magazine

Well done! What a terrific effort rebuilding the FSTI website. I appreciate that it is no small task to incorporate five websites into one and build a significant backbone to support our design requests. Clearly your efforts have paid off. Thank you

Michael S. Williams, FSTI

Where was Site Smart Marketing five years ago? Had DRYCO known you then, things would have been much different. And better. Luckily we found your company three months ago and over the course of 90 days, we called, discussed, designed, and launched our new website. The best part is that we have already experienced success as a result of the new site.

Over the last five years DRYCO has attempted to use several different companies to assist with our website needs. There has been no success. Some companies were unresponsive, others moved at a snail’s pace, while others over promised and under delivered. Our experience with Site Smart Marketing was absolutely fantastic, unlike anything hitherto experienced. You have restored our faith in the web design community, as long as that community begins and ends with your company.

In recent weeks DRYCO has received innumerable positive comments about the look of our website. Some people have stated that the website organization and content were easy to navigate and they found exactly what they needed. As a result of all this positive feedback (in a short period of time, mind you) we must offer our deepest thanks for your efforts. DRYCO is extremely pleased with our new website and we look forward to working with you more in the future.

Brandon J. Willis, DRYCO

Yelp Reviews

Site Smart is refreshingly professional, face to face and friendly. The team was intuitive in understanding our requirements and elegantly created what we actually needed and more. We are more than happy with our new site and are getting immediate results. We recommend Site Smart to businesses. We loved working with this group.

Mel Benedict, Flags Unlimited

Wow, these guys really know what they’re doing! I needed a quick shopping web site setup to allow people to simply browse my merchandise and buy. I didn’t expect anything fancy, but after telling the guy what I needed, they were able to come up with a solution that would serve my customers. When I first saw the home page of my new site I was blown away, I seriously didn’t think it would turn out so professional looking! For the price I paid, I expected something extremely basic…what I got instead was a polished, sleek, modern e-commerce site that had everything I could’ve wanted. In a nutshell: You have to try these guys!

Jerry Kingery, Stealth Optimum

Site Smart Marketing team is professional, personable and quickly resolved a great many issues we had with our antique website. Having to start from scratch and completely rebuild an entirely new website, we have now significantly enhanced our online presence and overall marketing abilities with a distinguished and user-friendly website, all thanks to the Site Smart Team! They come highly recommended.

Tiffany F, Associated General Contractors of Las Vegas

I just got home at opened the link that was send to me that shows the website. It is so much more than I even expected. You did an amazing job. I know we have more to do but I think the hard part is over. I have had other websites built in the past but I must say you hit this one out of the ball park. You are a great Talent and your vision is amazing. There is no way someone could have come up with a logo and put a site together like this. I got very lucky in finding you company and I will always be here to give you guy’s a great referral. Anyone that is thinking of doing business with you but they are on the fence just give them my number and I will close the deal for you.

Kenny, Sign Dolls

Just wanted to let you know that we got our first phone call from the website and she used the keyword from the website. Her two children will be coming in for appointments on Monday.

Dr. Carol Jin, D.D.S., D.D.S.

Google Reviews

I have used Site Smart for 3 of my own businesses and have referred them to two others, so I may be their biggest fan! I have had great results from their SEO techniques. Our rankings have been great on Google, with most of the keywords on the first page. The design of our websites are very professional. They have always been very responsive to any questions or concerns I have had. I would highly recommend them to any company whether established or newly formed

Lee Kilpack, Blind Wholesaler & PeachTree Place Assisted Living Community

Ask Us For References

We have worked with so many people who have been robbed of their hard-earned money by past “marketing experts” and unprofessional website designers. Most people, understandably, are hesitant to give it another shot.

We have the best customers who can explain how we work, from their own experiences, to help you better understand the value we can bring to your business. Ask us for a referral list of clients who are willing to take the time to speak with you so you can learn more about us – in their own words.