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Social Media FAQ

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Social media can be a challenging landscape to navigate, but it can pay off in big ways when you can make it work for you. Consider what you are posting and how your audience will respond to it.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Social Media

Do your best to engage with your followers and let them know that you care about them. They are taking the time to interact with you, so it is vital that you do the same. You wouldn't ignore someone that is standing right in front of you, would you?

Also, be sure to consider your tone on social media. Tone is essential in your posts because it helps people understand who you are. It doesn't make much sense for an environmental company to be cute and quirky because it doesn't fit the usual audience. However, if you are a small boutique, being quirky might appeal to your target audience.

As long as you keep your tone consistent between posts and between your different social media platforms, you can only grow your relationship with your followers.

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