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Why Does My Website Say “Not Secure”?

Is Your Website Secure?

Why Does My Website Say “Not Secure”?

You probably landed here because your website is telling you it's "not secure," but you are confused about what it means for your business and website. We've got the skinny on what this means, and how to get your site secure.

What's The Securi-tea?

What'S New For Website Security?As of July 2018, Google now requires an SSL certificate to qualify a site as secure. With this new update, anyone who lands on an unsecured web page will be warned. Unsecure websites will show a red warning symbol and display the words "Not Secure." A secure website will include a black padlock (and eventually no symbol at all).

Google decided to take the focus off of telling people is a site is secure, and instead focusing on making sure people know when it's not.

Why Is SSL Such A Big Deal?

SSL is really about making sure a website has HTTPS encryption to protect your data. Before this upgrade, most sites operated with the HTTP protocol, which allows anyone access to the data you may think is private. That means the government, hackers, your mom, and your dog can all access the information exchanged when you visit a site.

On a secured website, if a hacker does attempt an attack, all they will receive is a cryptographic code that is unbreakable.

Protect Your Customers

It's a common misconception that SSL is only necessary for e-commerce businesses. This is completely false. All websites need to use SSL. Protecting consumer data is a legal liability issue. Confidential data such as personal information, usernames, passwords, or banking information are secured with an SSL certification.

Important side note: SSL is also a great way to increase your Google ranking and improve your conversion rates. No one wants to do business on a website clearly labeled as "Not Secure."

Get Secure

Get An Ssl CertificateDo you already have an SSL certificate through your web host? If so, we can install it on your website and adjust any associated services for $99. If you do not have an SSL certificate, we can acquire one, install it, and adjust the associated services for $150.

Contact us today, and we'll walk you through the process. Every business is different, and we need to review your account to provide you with the right action plan.

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