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Call Tracking Issues With Mobile Phones

Call Tracking Problems On Mobile Phones

Call Tracking Issues With Mobile Phones

We use a call tracking service through to track the results from our client's online marketing efforts. We use this data to gather valuable insight and ensure our marketing services are delivering the results our customers are paying for.

Call tracking services (all of them) work by utilizing unique phone numbers to track Google Ads, e-blasts, social media, search engine traffic, and all sources of online traffic. They can even be used for real-world marketing efforts like billboards, radio ads, mailers, or printed flyers. The tracking phone numbers are “rerouted” or forwarded automatically to your business line or cell phone.

Cell Phones Are Marking Legitimate Calls As "Scam Likely"

Scam Likely, Call Tracking Mobile UpdateThere has been a new update with cellular service providers in their effort to stop robot dialers and scam calls that is causing problems for legitimate business calls. Cell providers are automatically flagging all “rerouted” phone numbers as possible SPAM or “Scam Likely” - even if they are not SPAM and indeed a legitimate customer who has been forwarded from a call tracking source. This is especially concerning for customers who are paying for leads and doing online marketing.

Uninstall Or Disable SPAM Blockers

Also, there are some smartphone apps that totally block these calls - they don't even allow your cell to ring at all. If you are using any form of call tracking for your marketing efforts, and you have a SPAM blocking app on your phone, we recommend that it be uninstalled or disabled.

Two Easy Options

If you answer your business calls on a landline, there should be nothing to worry about. If you answer your calls with a cell phone, there are two options for dealing with this development:

Option 1:

Simply answer all calls flagged as SPAM or “Scam Likely.” They might be legitimate business calls that you are getting from your marketing efforts on the internet. If it is SPAM, you can hang up or choose to block each specific number.

Option 2:

Set up your account so that every incoming call from Call Tracking Metrics (or any call tracking solution) comes from the same phone number. If you choose this option, you will know it’s a business call each time. However, this option means you will not see the customer’s phone number or name. To call or text them back, you will need to gather their information manually each time.

What Works Best For You?

As one of our valued clients, the choice will be yours. If you can handle filtering possible SPAM calls yourself, we feel that option #1 is the most beneficial for your business.

If you would like to proceed with option #2, we can set that up for you. Let us know by submitting a ticket. We sincerely hope that cell phone providers (or the call tracking services) come up with a better solution soon. We will notify you if something changes!