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Reserve With Google

Reserve With Google

Reserve With Google

In today's competitive landscape, standing out is essential, and Reserve With Google offers businesses an edge by seamlessly integrating appointment booking buttons within the company’s Google Business Profile listing. This lets customers easily get appointments by providing a simple and quick alternative to calling or hunting for a scheduling page on a website. Let’s face it, humans want to avoid talking on the phone or waiting on hold these days.

What Is Reserve With Google?

Reserve With Google is a useful booking tool for businesses who are looking to get more conversions from search results directly within their local map listing via Google Business Profile. Adding the integrated booking button enhances your online visibility, making your listing stand out in the eyes of Google users who want you - but they want you easy.

What Businesses Can Use Reserve With Google?

Reserve with Google serves many different industries and provides useful booking, appointments, and ordering tools to improve engagement and interactions. If you see a ‘Bookings’ tab in your Google Business Profile Manager, then you are eligible!

  • Beauty & Wellness: Salons, Massage, Waxing, Spas, etc.
  • Dining: Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Bistros, Takeout, Delivery, etc.
  • Fitness: Gyms, Classes, Trainers, Dance Studios, etc.
  • Healthcare: Doctors, Dentists, Therapists, etc.
  • Local Service: Home Repair, Cleaners, Landscapers, etc.
  • Professional: Offices, Lawyers, Designers, Tech, etc.
  • Finance: Insurance, Tax Preparers, Accountants, Banking, etc.
  • Retail: Pick up and delivery scheduling for merchants.

When you add the booking button it integrates into your Google Business Profile, so anyone with a company that fits into those categories, is in an available region, and has an eligible partnered third-party scheduler can use it. Yes, you may have to sign up for a new booking solution other than the one you currently have.

How To Set Up Bookings On Google

To use Reserve with Google, you'll need access to your Google Business Profile. A third-party scheduling system that is partnered with Google must be used. Check the list of eligible third-party scheduling options like Appointy,, or Square Appointments that can be linked up to your profile. You can start booking appointments and improve your online visibility as soon as the integration is set.

Booking Through Your Google Business Profile

Customers usually find your company on Google Search, Maps, or Google Assistant and look at your business details to make a decision. Once they see the simple “Reserve A Table” or “Book Online” button they’re only a few steps away from booking. This is how easy it is.

  • Click “Book Online”
  • Choose Service, If Available
  • Select Preferred Date & Time
  • Add Relevant Notes
  • Add & Verify Contact Information

All reservations must receive a confirmation email from Reserve With Google to be final. Depending on the type of business, there might be an additional step where you review and confirm or decline the booking request after it's submitted. Your scheduling provider will then show the new booking on your calendar.

What Third-Party Scheduling Providers Work With Google?

Integrating Reserve with Google requires you to use a third-party scheduling provider like the ones listed below. These are providers that fit a wide variety of business types in the United States. There are additional industry-specific providers or region-specific options that may be better suited for your business.

Providers Website Link Industries Served
Appointy Any Business
Bookeo Any Business
Go Book Me In Any Business
Picktime Any Business
Setmore Covers Most Of The Supported Industries Covers Most Of The Supported Industries
Square Appointments Covers Most Of The Supported Industries
thryv Any Business
Timify Almost Any Business, Does Not Include Home Service Trade, Or Finance Businesses
Yocale Does Not Include Home Service Trade Businesses

Want to see the full list? Google has a list of over a hundred third-party booking partners to choose from.

It's important to understand that each provider has unique features and potential additional fees to integrate with Reserve with Google bookings. Additionally, you can deactivate Reserve with Google integration through your chosen provider if necessary.

Get Bookings Through Google

Reserve With Google streamlines appointment booking and engagement across various industries, simplifying the customer journey while boosting operational efficiency. At Site Smart Marketing, we want you to have every edge in getting customers into your calendar. Schedule time with us to see what else you can be doing to get seen.