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Why SEO Is A Continuous Process

Why Seo Is A Continuous Process

Why SEO Is A Continuous Process

We often make assumptions about how people search the internet, and that once a business has a website, it will be easily found. This is simply not the case. Thousands of websites launch every day and it takes someone experienced with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help websites rank better on Google and become visible to potential customers and clients.

A smart and continuous SEO strategy should be an essential part of any business plan. Also, there is no such thing as an on-off switch for online marketing – just because you are found today doesn’t mean you will keep being found… not with your competitors launching new websites and working on improving their search engine rankings all the time.

Why You Need Continuous SEO

Would you drive your car and never maintain it, hoping it always runs well and performs as expected? The simple answer is no!

The same need for maintenance applies to your website and online presence. Digital marketing is an ever-changing world and there are some key factors that make continuous SEO a must for your business.

  • Search Engine Algorithm Updates
  • Changing Technology Affects Search Behavior (virtual assistants, voice to text, etc.)
  • New Competitors Launching Websites
  • Stale Unchanging Websites Can Disappear
  • Speed Expectations & Website Standards Are Tightening
  • Mobile Experience Is Priority (new technology impacts rankings)

Google changes the game all the time to improve search results. Don’t make the mistake of looking at your rankings today and assuming they are going to stay the same forever. It’s essential to continue to maintain your rankings while navigating the changes in search algorithms, search behavior, and new competitors in your industry.

Changes In Search Engine Algorithms

When search engines change their algorithms, it could be devastating to your business. This can result in a loss of rankings and, ultimately, revenue loss.

Search engines often make changes to match the searcher’s intent and how they search online. A good SEO strategist will manage your account and optimize your website and keywords to ensure you are still found.

Search Behavior Is Always Changing

The way we shop for goods has changed and so has the way people search for products and services online. SEO helps keep you up-to-date on how people are searching. What worked in the past will not work in the future and it’s vital to keep up with trends.

It won’t matter how great your products are, or how unbelievable your service is, if no one knows you exist. You need to provide visitors with a full understanding of your products or services, with answers to their questions, and great content they can trust.

Keeping Up With The Competition

New competitors are popping up every day. They are selling the same products and targeting the same people. So how do you stand out in such a crowded industry?

  • Writing Great Content
  • Targeting The Right Keywords
  • Making Sure You Answer The Right Questions
  • Maintaining Great SEO Strategies

Without an ongoing SEO strategy that includes fresh new content that people are searching for, you allow your competitor to occupy your digital space. Once that happens, your rankings will begin to fall and your potential audience will shrink.

Maintain Consistent Online Rankings

A good SEO strategy, implemented by experts in the field of digital marketing, will help you maintain consistent and rising rankings. The lower your ranking online, the less likely potential customers will find you. Businesses that prioritize SEO can maintain an online presence and consistently rank well on Google and other search engines.

You Can’t Just Turn The SEO Faucet Back On

Maybe you decided you don’t need SEO anymore and you canceled your service. Now, your rankings have fallen and you think, “I’ll just turn SEO back on.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as easily as turning on a faucet.

A common misconception is that you can turn SEO on or off whenever you want. Good SEO ramps your business up over time, making you a trusted authority in your industry. When you turn off your campaign, you will have to do all that work again.

Continuous SEO Keeps You In The Game

Maintaining a continuous SEO process keeps your business relevant when it matters the most. Your online marketing campaign will help you continue to grow online and match your business goals. Site Smart Marketing offers SEO packages that fit your business’s needs, or we can customize a package just for you. Contact us to find out how you can get found and stay relevant online.