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What’s Up Promotions!

What’s Up Promotions are experts in putting logos and brand names onto a wide catalog of products to create unique promotional products that stand out. They work closely with you to understand your specific needs and create products that align with their branding goals. Whether you need corporate branding, event marketing, or something more unconventional, What’s Up Promotions makes sure your promotional message is on time, on brand and on point.

Their product catalog is extensive and includes everything from branded apparel and bags to technology products and office supplies. It’s this and their commitment to quality service that make What’s Up Promotions our go-to partner for promotional products.

Advertising your brand through promotional products that people will thank you for.

  • Customized Product Creation
  • Perfected Logo & Branding Placement
  • Extensive Product Catalog

Why We Love Them:

  • Build Or Choose A Kit That's Right For The Occasion
  • Enthusiastic & Dedicated Customer Service
  • Many Options For Customization With Color & Method
  • Commitment to Timeliness
  • Consistent Product Excellence Helps Your Brand Reputation

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