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We chose to partner with accessiBe due to their affordable and easy-to-use widget that can bring your website into ADA compliance. They hold their accessWidget to the highest standards of web accessibility, which can help you avoid expensive lawsuits and loss of reputation. This easy-to-use and install widget can retrofit almost any website to be more accessible within minutes, with full compliance in 48 hours.

We are sensitive to web accessibility and how difficult it can be for smaller businesses to achieve, even though they are the most vulnerable to backlash from not having accessible websites. AccessiBe’s accessWidget allows even small businesses to have an open digital door to everyone, no matter their ability.

Make your brand more inclusive with a simple & affordable fix.

  • Affordable ADA Compliance Widget
  • Automatic Maintenance For New Content
  • Session-Based Accessibility Modifications

Why We Love Them:

  • Easy Installation That Doesn't Require Technical Know-How
  • Reduces Your Legal Risk
  • Affordable & Improves Your Website's Performance
  • Empowers Small Businesses
  • Commitment to Web Accessibility