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Madrid Productions

Madrid Productions is a trusted provider of innovative event production solutions. With a dedicated team of skilled professionals, they lead the industry in driving technical innovation and investing in emerging technologies. From live entertainment to virtual production, broadcast to corporate events, Madrid Productions delivers stunning and complex creations. With their proven track record and expertise in areas such as LED screens, video control systems, and metaverse solutions, they ensure the success of events of all sizes. Choose Madrid Productions for cutting-edge event production that exceeds expectations.

A full-service production company that creates new experiences for brands.

  • Video Production Services
  • Metaverse Creation & Solutions
  • Virtual Event Experiences
  • Video Projection & LED Screens
  • Immersive Audio Systems
  • Lighting Design & Control
  • Staging & Rigging

Why We Love Them:

  • They Work With The Big Dogs
  • Use of New & Emerging Technologies
  • Highly Skilled Team Members

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