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Hourly Rates

Get Help Hourly - When You Need It

Need some work done on your web presence outside of a package or bundle? We offer two different hourly rates for changes and updates depending on the nature of the change. We offer a lower hourly rate when the task is easier. Our Technical Hourly rate is for work that requires a legendary-level of genius.

We do have a 1-hour minimum, so get the most bang for your buck by grouping your changes together and providing them in a streamlined fashion. We move FAST, so we can get a lot done in each hour when the guesswork is removed!

Basic Hourly Rate

Our rate is $75/hour for most standard website or marketing changes with a 1-hour minimum.

Technical Hourly Rate

Our rate is $150/hour for changes that require a higher degree of technical expertise with a 1-hour minimum.

Our Rates Explained

Just to give you an idea of what to expect.

Basic Hourly Rate

$75 Per Hour
  • Text Writing & Photo Editing
  • Content Changes (Provided By Customer)
  • Rewording Of Products & Services
  • Pages / Posts / Categories (Add / Edit / Remove)
  • Menu Management (Add & Remove)
  • Reordering Categories / Pages
  • Image Changes & Cropping
  • Slideshow Image Changes
  • Videos (Add & Remove)
  • PDFs & Docs (Add & Remove)
  • Updating Coupons / Specials
  • Updating Staff / Job Openings
  • Changing Email Addresses On Forms
  • Redirecting Broken Links / 301 Redirects
  • Keyword, Title & Alt Tags

Technical Hourly Rate

$150 Per Hour
  • Web & Marketing Consulting
  • Development (Coders)
  • Graphic Designers (Photoshop & AI)
  • Competitor Research & Strategy Planning
  • Technical SEO Fixes
  • Hosting & Domain Troubleshooting
  • WordPress Plugin & Core Updates
  • Security Fixes / Hack Fixes
  • Out-Of-Warranty Bug Fixes
  • Speed Up & Caching Fixes
  • Complex Reports & Analysis
  • Database Work / Spreadsheet Work
  • Custom Functionalty & API Integrations
  • Custom Plugin Development

Emergency Hourly Rate

$300 Per Hour
  • Emergency Troubleshooting
  • Security Fixes / Hack Fixes
  • Hosting Outages & Downtime Diagnosis
  • Email Troubleshooting & SMTP Issues
  • If It Can't Wait For 24-48 Hours

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