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Managing a website can be very time-consuming and confusing if you do not have experience working with websites. If you are running WordPress, it’s one of the easiest platforms to learn and very simple to teach to people who have basic computer skills. When it comes to having the time or desire to do it, that’s another story. In business, your time is valuable; often business owners would simply prefer to not have to worry about their website at all.

Site Changes

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Why Do A Monthly Package?

  • You get more for your money. Website change requests are charged by the hour with a 1-hour minimum. So if you have simple changes and they only took 15 minutes you would still get charged for the full hour. We usually can do a whole lot of work in a full hour. Usually we suggest waiting and grouping changes together to get the most out of a full hour. With any of these packages, you get flexible time tracking where we can receive many different quick requests throughout each month, so you don’t get charged separate hours for each change request received.
  • You get priority changes. Most changes you may request will be done as quickly as 5 minutes to 24 hours. Otherwise, outside of a package, we would need to work your unexpected changes into our development schedule, which may take us a couple days to a week to do so depending on our workload. We also would need to hear the details of your changes, give you an estimate, and get written approval before we start the work. With any of our packages, we reserve this time you have paid for, just for you, and staff accordingly to make your changes quickly.
  • You have an easy budget for expected changes. Since you know how much money your website changes will cost for the year, company budgets become easier to calculate. Since you have already budgeted this amount, you will also be more likely to use it. If you had always hoped and planned to update your website more regularly but have always had a hard time making it happen, this is a great way to ensure you will be more inclined to do it. All you have to do is place a phone call, or send us an email.
  • All packages are month-to-month. We don’t believe in “long-term contracts”. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime prior to the next billing period.

Keep The Website Fresh With New Content

In addition to keeping on top of security updates, it can also be frustrating to add and change content on your website if you are not familiar with website management or you just don’t have time to do it. We offer a variety of package options to assist our customers in keeping their websites updated, secure, and fresh with new content you wish to display. Just choose the size and type of package that suits your needs the best. If you need help selecting a package, call us and let us know more about your organization’s website.

When You Just Want Us To Handle It

As impressive and easy as working with a website content management system can be, dealing with conflicts, bugs, and getting the pages to look how you want can be very challenging and time-consuming. To be realistic, who really has the time to learn and mess with all of this when you simply want to make money and run a business? Let us take the burden of maintaining your website off of your shoulders, and allow you to do what you do best – manage your business.