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Monthly SEO

Search Engine Optimization Package (SEO)

Site Smart Marketing is an experienced Las Vegas search engine optimization company, offering month-to-month SEO Packages to improve your online visibility – and keep it. Each company we work with improves online with new terms being added to the website monthly as we research, write, optimize and add additional pages. This keeps the site fresh (not stagnant), and improves your businesses visibility by increasing rankings for more and more search terms as we write about new topics.

We also adjust content, get new incoming links from other websites, manage and improve the local map visibility, and so much more. Our team is pretty awesome and our efficiency keeps the cost down.

What You Get

  • Keyword Rankings: We track and improve 20 keywords – whatever needs to be done.
  • Content Writing: We add 1 page per month to your website. This allows us to grow the website and target new services as time goes on.
  • Incoming Links: We submit a minimum of 10 new incoming links per month (links from other websites to yours).
  • Content Adjustments: If keyword rankings drop, we do what it takes to adjust and improve your content.
  • Google My Business: We make sure your business is listed in the free Google maps area through Google My Business.
  • Initial Set Up: We configure your site map, robots.txt, fix indexing issues, rename page titles and page descriptions.
  • Webmaster Tools: We check the health of your website to fix any potential ranking issues that arise.
  • Monthly Reporting: Both keyword rankings reports on the 20 keywords we track and Google Analytics.
  • Unlimited Consulting: We help you with all areas of online marketing and business branding. Real life people help answer all web related questions.

No Contracts & No Guarantees – Just Results

We don’t do contracts. Every marketing package we offer is on a month-to-month basis. We don’t do “guarantees” – you will feel the results from the improvements happening from increasing your online visibility and you will see the improvements on our monthly reports. If you don’t find your business to be improving – you are not locked into a contract and you can pause or cancel as needed. Our cancellation rate is extremely low and our referral rate is extremely high. That’s because we actually do the work required on your website; and that includes both “on page” and “off page” optimization.

Beware Of The Scammers

Most companies who reach out to you with telemarketers or emails claiming to offer SEO services for $99 per month (too low), $1,200 per month with a 1 year contract (too large of a commitment without seeing any results), or $2,500 for the year… They are often times simply scam artists who are selling you air. If the price is too low and they are “guaranteeing first page results”, it’s most likely a scam. If there is not enough time in that budget for them to do any “actual work” they will most likely be just taking your money and keeping the scam going as long as possible. If you are required to be locked into a contract, think twice.

Is There A “Start-Up” Fee?

We do have a varying start-up fee for the first month. It’s based on the amount of work that will need to be done. This only applies to websites that we did not build. If we built it, the start up fee is waived as we do things correctly that are already included in the website build. We charge this start-up fee because there is a whole lot more work to be done in the first month and most commonly the site is not built properly or ready to be marketed.

What’s Included In The “Start-Up” Fee?

Start up tasks may include: the set up of reports, fixing issues that may prevent proper search engine indexing, sitemap.xml set up, Google Analytics integration, Google Webmaster Tools set up, keyword research, “working on other developers code” and sorting out what needs to be fixed, speeding up load time, fixing broken links, fixing browser bugs, adding the phone number and lead generation form in the proper place on the website, making sure business branding is consistent, and a variety of other unforeseen issues. It’s always more work than it seems at first glance to take on an outdated or poorly coded website. In some cases the website may be a lost cause and we may suggest starting over from scratch.

Unlimited Consulting With People Who Care

Las Vegas web marketing and SEO companies are a dime a dozen – everyone has a sales pitch.  Selecting the web marketing company that suits your business needs can be daunting and confusing. At Site Smart, our search engine friendly website design and our expertise in organic SEO methods distinguish us from the pack. We don’t just make false promises and sit back and watch you get frustrated. We care, we try to help, and we do as much as we can within the budget.

SEO Education & Consulting

We take the time to educate you and share the information you need to know to help you become a more savvy business-owner when it comes to online marketing. The education portion is important. The more you know the better you will do in the decisions making process you need to do to perform well online. We try to take the “secrets” out of the equation by telling you as much as you want to know about the process. Search Engine Optimization is not a secret, it’s just time consuming and difficult to know what is “real” with all of the false information online. Ask us a question, we will try to answer it in a way you can understand.

Get A Free Consultation

Site Smart Marketing deeply understands search engine optimization and we have cost effective packages that are affordable for nearly any budget. We skillfully select keywords that will deliver the most traffic. Our SEO services enable our clients to achieve a maximum visibility and attract more customers. Call us for a free website consultation.