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Richard Rosales

Richard Rosales

SEO Manager

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(702) 666-8875 x107

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Richard joined the dynamic team at Site Smart in 2020. With a Bachelor’s in Communication Professional Writing with Minor in Creative Writing, he was able to flex his creative juices in his current role as an SEO Project Manager and Website Design Assistant. With his prior background in automotive production management, he seamlessly blends his expertise to create realistic time frames and brings organization to the projects he manages. He is a powerhouse with exceptional client relations skills when it comes to explaining complex SEO factors or navigating website improvements.

When he’s not working his magic behind the computer, you’ll find Richard indulging in his passion for photography, where he captures the stunning beauty of the world through his lens. A true wanderlust at heart, he’s always seeking new adventures and travel opportunities to explore unfamiliar places, creating lasting memories of the people and places he encounters along the way.

Favorite video game?



Husky named Ringo

App I can't live without?

The Score

Favorite cereal?

Fruity Pebbles

Superpower of choice?

Telekinesis & Flying

Productivity trick?

Organization & Motivating Music