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Catroonized photo of Kira Krostag.

Kira Krostag

CEO / Founder

Contact Info

Direct Phone Number

(702) 666-8875 x101

E-mail Address

Kira is the fearless leader of Site Smart Marketing. Since she was a young lass her passion has been working with technology and she’s invested most waking hours honing her skills on the web. Over the last 20 years, Kira has worked with dozens of industries and has built and marketed hundreds of websites from all sectors (B2B, Non-Profit, E-commerce, Local Businesses). She is a sponge for information, overly analytical, passionate, and highly attentive to detail.

As a seasoned online marketing guru, SEO expert, designer, content creator, and front-end developer, she has experience with most website platforms and online marketing tools. Her main role is team training and coordination, project management, and educating customers about the online marketing world. In her spare time, you can find her playing competitive online video games, listening to loud music, hosting backyard events, and cuddling with dogs. Her favorite color is purple!

Favorite video game?

Overwatch on PS5


Boxer dogs: Sugar & Butters

App I can't live without?

Tie between: TikTok & Duolingo

Favorite cereal?

Apple Jacks

Superpower of choice?

Telepathy & Mind Control

Productivity trick?

Working at night after everyone is silent.