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Jessica Rasmussen

Jessica Rasmussen

Social Media Manager

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(702) 666-8875 x109

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Jessica holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in computer programming. She is also working on her master’s in data analytics. Since she started writing for Site Smart in 2013, she has worked as SEO content manager, and now leads our Social Media department. Jessy is also part of our SEO team and website build teams.

Today, Jess tries to meet the needs of our clients by creating new outreach opportunities through fun, fresh social media content. In her free time, she listens to audiobooks, tries to 3D print all the things, and is unashamedly addicted to manga, anime, and board games.

Favorite video game?

Pokémon Sword


The Budgie Crew

App I can't live without?


Favorite cereal?

Cinnamon Cheerios

Superpower of choice?

My Smile Makes You Smile!

Productivity trick?

Snacks. Lots of snacks.