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Claudia Masinter

Claudia Masinter

SEO Specialist

Contact Info

Direct Phone Number

(702) 666-8875 x105

E-mail Address

Claudia joined Site Smart in 2020 and quickly became a versatile member of our marketing team. As an SEO Specialist, she excels in creating engaging, high-ranking content for our clients and managing our linking building efforts. Her expertise extends to managing PPC ad campaigns, highlighted by her Google Ads Certification.

Outside of work, Claudia enjoys a lively family life with her husband and four children. She’s an avid reader and has a passion for baking, gaming, hiking, and traveling.

Favorite video game?

Animal Crossing / Detroit: Become Human


Cat named Liberty Bell (Bella) and a Beagle mix named Ash

App I can't live without?

Libby/Overdrive - Library app that lets me download e-books & audiobooks.

Favorite cereal?

Cookie Crisp

Superpower of choice?

Telekinesis/Mind Control

Productivity trick?

Headphones with classical music and staying organized.