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Claudia Masinter

Claudia Masinter

Content Team Manager

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Claudia started with Site Smart in 2020 and is our Content Team Manager. She loves the challenge of guiding a team to create high-quality content for our clients. Claudia also helps with our PPC ad campaigns and is Google Ads certified.

In her spare time, Claudia hangs out with her husband and four children. When she isn’t managing the chaos of a large family Claudia is an avid reader and enjoys baking, playing video and board games, hiking, and traveling.

Favorite video game?

Animal Crossing / Detroit: Become Human


Cat named Liberty Bell (Bella) and a Beagle mix named Ash

App I can't live without?

Libby/Overdrive - Library app that lets me download e-books & audiobooks.

Favorite cereal?

Cookie Crisp

Superpower of choice?

Telekinesis/Mind Control

Productivity trick?

Headphones with classical music and staying organized.