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As a WordPress webmaster and developer, we offer a one-time WordPress Security Lockdown package to clients with hosting account access. With the many unforeseen issues that can occur, and the time-consuming nature of keeping up with the latest hacker vulnerabilities, bugs, new technology, and updates – it can seem overwhelming to keep your site up, running, and secure.

Wordpress Security

Package Includes

  • 3 Hours Of Fixes: This package includes up to 3 hours of fixes.
  • Update WordPress Core & Plugins: Sometimes updating may cause unknown bugs and conflicts; old plugin developers may not have tested their plugins on the newest version of WordPress, plugins may conflict or override each other, plugins may have new bugs that have been introduced upon updating, etc. To reduce common issues that occur after updating, we will back up the site prior to updating, and check the site afterward. This package includes up to 3 hours of fixes. If the site is very large or very custom – the fixes required after updating may exceed the 3 hours and will be billed at $100 per hour.
  • Install & Configure Security Plugins: Our tools scan the website daily, blocks IPs of hack attempts, notifies you or us of issues via email, and increases security overall to prevent future hacks. Our tools and how we configure them will drastically increase security on the website, but do not guarantee the site is “hacker-proof”. There is no such thing as hacker-proof.
  • Install & Configure Backup for Website Files & Database: We configure backups to go locally on the server that is hosting the website, and also remotely in the cloud in our off-site storage.
  • Change Insecure Website Administrator Logins: One of the most common mistakes that is a security risk is if your web developer used “admin” or “administrator” or “webmaster” for a username. Bots attack these usernames and can more easily get in to do malicious stuff if you have these common usernames. Then all they have to do is roll through the thousands of common password combinations and hope they get lucky. This is all done within a blink of an eye. We will look for common usernames and reset passwords to ensure they are “strong”.
  • Scan Website For Known Hacks: Some hacks are simple and can be fixed with a little know-how and elbow grease. Some hacks are very complicated and extra tricky requiring a lot of research, backup restoration, or we may need to manually go through files and database entries until the site is clean. This package includes up to 3 hours of fixes. If the site is very large or very custom – the fixes required after finding a hack may exceed the 3 hours and will be billed at $100 per hour.

Access Levels We Need

  • WordPress Administrator Access (website login credentials)
  • FTP Access (Host, Username, Password)
  • Hosting / Database Access (Username & Password)

One-Time Package Details

With our WordPress Security Lockdown Package, you can take away the burden of repeated hacks by “locking down” your website so you can focus on your business. We will ensure that your site is not vulnerable to common website hacks, your site is updated, your plugins are updated, your site is being backed up daily locally and remotely, and is scanned daily for known vulnerabilities.

Update To Keep Hackers Out

WordPress is an open-source, flexible, free, and easy to use content management system (CMS). A vast majority of websites built in this day and age are built on this platform, as it is stable, loved by search engines, and has an active development community to support it. Hacks are a problem that occurs with having a website on such a widely used and highly documented “open-source platform”. Vulnerabilities seem to crop up when we least expect them.

Plugin developers and WordPress’s developers often respond to vulnerabilities, but you won’t get the benefit of continued security as your website ages if your WordPress core and plugins are not updated.

Want Continued Monthly Updates?

Site Smart Marketing also offers a choice of ongoing packages where we check the site manually and keep up with the regular updates every single month.

Our WordPress Webmaster Package is our ongoing month-to-month security solution. We keep everything updated and secure and if a hack is found, we can more easily fix it.

If you want us to add photos, videos, update text, change menu items, rename pages, remove pages, etc. – we can do that too with our Monthly Changes & Updates Package.

Call Us Today To Get Secured

If you have a WordPress website that has not been secured properly, you may have had repeated issues with your website crashing due to hackers who have gotten in. If you need to make sure issues are being prevented and hacks are caught or prevented, we can help. Call Site Smart Marketing today for WordPress security package that will reduce the chances of down-time and reduce or prevent embarrassing vulnerabilities.