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Meet The Team

We're made up of some spicy personalities. Get to know us!

Catroonized photo of Kira Krostag.

Kira Krostag

Founder / CEO

Kira is the fearless leader of Site Smart Marketing. Her favorite color is purple. Since she was a little girl her passion has been working with technology and she’s invested most waking hours honing her skills. Over the last 25 years Kira has worked with most industries you can imagine and has built and marketed hundreds of websites. Some people consider her a jack of all trades - she is a sponge for information, overly analytical, passionate, and highly attentive to detail.

As a seasoned online marketing expert and front-end developer (WordPress / CSS / HTML / Photoshop), she has experience with most website platforms and online marketing tools. These days her main responsibility is team training and coordination, project management, educating customers about their options, and suggesting the best path for success. She loves to break down complex issues and suggest simple streamlined innovations that ultimately make our customers more successful.

In her spare time, you can find her playing competitive online video games, listening to music, hosting backyard events, and cuddling with dogs.

Favorite Video Game? Overwatch
Pets? Boxer dogs: Sugar & Butters
App I Can’t Live Without? TikTok
Favorite Cereal? Kix or Honey Bunches Of Oats
Superpower Of Choice? Telepathy & Mind Control
Productivity Trick? Work at night after everyone is silent.
Cartoonized photo of Lorenzo Litchford.

Lorenzo Litchford

Vice President / SEO

Lorenzo joined Site Smart in 2012 after having worked in the IT field for over a decade. His technical knowledge allowed him to transition into the web world, and leverage his technical experience to become a badass web developer and lead our development team.

After many years in the web development role, he transitioned into managing SEO, and then back into web development - where his heart is. Lorenzo acts as Vice President at Site Smart, assisting with solutions for business development problems. In his spare time, Lorenzo creates music in his mancave.

Favorite Video Game? Currently: Call Of Duty / All Time: Final Fantasy 3 / 6
Pets? 2 rambunctious boxer dogs
App I Can’t Live Without? Spotify
Favorite Cereal? Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Superpower Of Choice? The ability to freeze time.
Productivity Trick? Taking good notes, and creating documentation for others.
James Plaza

James Plaza

Director Of Operations & Finance

Joined Site Smart Marketing back in 2011, (back when it was still called Smart Sites). James has many roles including account setup, Google Ads setup & management, Microsoft Ads setup & management, backlink management, call tracking setup, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, reporting, administrative, and others. Currently, you can find James with his daughter at the playground or in the pool.

Favorite Video Game? Currently: The Last of Us Part II
Pets? Black cat named Midnight
App I Can’t Live Without? Yahoo Fantasy Sports
Favorite Cereal? Frosted Mini Wheats Little Bites
Superpower Of Choice? Flying & Invisibility
Productivity Trick? Earbuds- to tune out Kira.
Jessica Rasmussen

Jessica Rasmussen

Content Portal Manager

Jessica started writing for Site Smart in 2013 and does everything she can to support our writing team. She tries to meet the needs of our current clients by keeping the fresh content coming. In her free time, she listens to audiobooks and is unashamedly addicted to Korean dramas and boardgames.

Favorite Video Game? Katamari
Pets? The Budgie Crew
App I Can’t Live Without? Messages
Favorite Cereal? Cinnamon Cheerios
Superpower Of Choice? A Comforting Touch
Productivity Trick? Snacks. Lots of snacks.
Rebekah Johnson

Rebekah Johnson

Project Manager & SEO Strategist

Rebekah joined Site Smart in 2017 as a content writer. Currently she works as a Project Manager and SEO Strategist. She loves the process of helping sites rank online and the investigative process of SEO work. Since she’s a productivity nerd she also loves managing website builds to get clients the sites they want and need.
In her spare time, she's an avid reader who tackles 70-100 books per year. She is a homebody who loves to hang out with her husband, three kids, and little doggo. Outdoor adventures make her excited and she loves camping, hiking, and kayaking. Her love languages include good food, a good laugh, and binging the latest "must watch" series on Netflix.

Favorite Video Game? Lego Harry Potter
Pets? Chewbacca Alpha Johnson (The Best Good Boy & Doggo)
App I Can’t Live Without? OverDrive (For Library eBooks & Audiobooks)
Favorite Cereal? Cocoa Puffs
Superpower Of Choice? Telekinesis
Productivity Trick? This is super nerdy, but I listen to Bach's Violin Partitas when I need to write. I trained myself to write to those particular songs - like Pavlov's dogs. It helps me with other intense deadlines, too.