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Cartoonized photo of Lorenzo Litchford.

Lorenzo Litchford

VP / Web Development Manager

Contact Info

Direct Phone Number

(702) 666-8875 x102

E-mail Address

Lorenzo joined Site Smart in 2012 after working as a Regional IT Manager for over a decade. His technical knowledge allowed him to transition into web marketing and easily leverage his technical experience to become a badass web developer and the leader of our Web Development Team.

After many years in WordPress web development, he transitioned into managing SEO for about a year, and then once again back into web development – where his heart is. Currently, Lorenzo is an officer of the company as Vice President. His primary function is managing the Website Development Team, maintaining our websites, dealing with technical issues, and coming up with solutions for complicated dev problems. In his spare time, Lorenzo creates music.

Favorite video game?

Currently: WWE 2k22 / All time: Final Fantasy 3 / 6



App I can't live without?


Favorite cereal?

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Superpower of choice?

The ability to freeze time.

Productivity trick?

Taking good notes, and creating documentation for others when I find a solution to a common problem.