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WordPress Security

Hackers Are Sophisticated

Worried about your WordPress security? We've got you. We live in a digital and technology-based world. Hackers are not going anywhere and no website is totally safe. Even the most secure and encrypted websites on the planet (think FBI) are potential targets.

There's no trick to safe sites

WordPress is as secure as any other platform. It’s "open-source," which means it has been well-documented. This is good and bad. It does mean that hackers are aware of any security vulnerabilities with WordPress. However, it also means that the platform is regularly maintained and updated to protect against the latest threats.

There are thousands of plugins and themes available from developers, and they are updated regularly to prevent security breaches. This means WordPress is just as secure as any other open-source platform, like Joomla, Magento, and Drupal.

WordPress Plugin & Core Updates

A website is not something you can just “set and forget.” Every site will need to ensure that its core, theme, and plugins are updated with the latest security updates - especially if it's a website that makes you money.

  • One-Time Update (Plugins & Core)
  • WordPress Security Hardening
  • Review For Vulnerabilities
  • Security Plugin Configuration
  • On-Site & Off-Site Backups Installed

We Build With Security In Mind

At Site Smart, we go the extra mile to harden all of our WordPress website builds for added security and protection. The majority of WordPress security issues are related to sloppy development and lack of updates. That’s not ever a problem you will find with us.

Is Your Site Secure?

Do you know if your website is secure? Are you already having security issues? A website that goes down or gets redirected is a website that is losing money and consumer confidence. This is especially critical for E-Commerce websites. Would you give your credit card information to a website that is unsecured?

You don’t have to worry anymore. We can handle your WordPress security issues... you can rake in those dollar bills.

Access Levels We Need

  • WordPress Administrator Access (Website Login Credentials)
  • FTP Access (Host, Username, Password)
  • Hosting / Database Access (Username & Password)

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