Google Ads Conversion Tracking

How To Tell If You Campaign Is Working

Spending Thousands of dollars each year on Ads doesn’t make sense if you don’t know your return on that investment. Defining your goals before you start is a recipe for success. Luckily with Google Ads, you can track many different types of conversions. Deciding which conversion types make sense to track for your business and adding the conversion code on your website before starting your ads campaign are vital steps in the set up process.

Types Of Conversions Tracked:

  • Website Form Submissions
  • Phone Calls From Your Website
  • Phone Calls Directly From Your Ads
  • Purchases From Your Website

Connecting Google Analytics

Connecting Google Ads to Google Analytics is an important step in measuring the success of an Ad campaign. Seeing what slice of your overall traffic, leads and sales come from ads is an important factor when considering whether or not to increase or decrease your ad spend.



How to tell if your campaign is working for you.

Define your goals.

Connecting Google Ads to Google Analytics

Installing Google Global Tag Manager on your website

Tracking Form Submissions

Phone Call Tracking (Third-Party vs Google Call Tracking):

  • Call Tracking Metrics, Call Rail, etc.
  • Google Calls From Ads / Click To Call

E-Commerce Websites – Tracking Sales